Whole30, day 12

On day 12, I started to get a bit tired of eggs in the morning. Although eggs in the morning everyday is not something new to me, today I didn’t feel like it. But… didn’t have much in my fridge or time to get creative and come up with an egg-less breakfast. So went for eggs again… This time with chicken sausage only.


Then, first thing when arriving at campus was workout. I was rocking it. Our trainer was also very excited because one of her clients from the class before (my walking friend now 😉 ) had brought her some yummy gazpacho soup and she was having it right there and showing it to everyone and having us smell its deliciousness. Hehe. Maybe next week I can try making some gazpacho too. It looked and smelled really yummy.

But because of morning workout I did not go for a walk at lunch time. Had already spent a lot of business time away from my desk and also my legs felt tired. With the past 2 days walking with one of our friends, the subject went to facebook and the people who are in buildings nearby started to try to arrange going on a big group. It hasn’t worked out yet, but we may be able to next week. Yay.

For lunch, today I wanted to take a break from OTB stuff. Just because. Sometimes if feels nice to bring my own stuff. So I made myself a salad with broccoli slaw, red and yellow grape tomatoes, zucchini, spinach, arugula, mini peppers and smoked salmon, dressed with Tessemae’s Southwest Ranch dressing. To top it of, and also to balance a bit of the spiciness of the dressing, I had some blueberries too.


Lunch was good, but for some reason, it didn’t satisfied me for too long. Maybe it was the size of it. Maybe the amount of salmon (an entire 3 oz. package), maybe the workout just made me hungrier. All I know is that I had lunch at 1:00 and by 3:30 I was feeling hungry again. I tried to distract myself by chatting with a friend and drinking lots of water, to check if maybe it wasn’t really hunger, but it was (I would totally eat steamed broccoli and fish 😉 ).
So at 5:30, when I got into my car, I had the second half of yesterday’s epic bar and a couple handfuls of raw cashews.
Then on my way home, I stopped at the grocery store to replenish my fruits and veggies stock and to get some compliant snacks for the trip tomorrow. At some point I was passing through the baby food aisle and decided to try some of the organic baby food pouches. Apricot and sweet potato ended up being the last part of my snack.

For my third meal, I had some of my mom’s ground beef. But last time, my husband said he didn’t like it too much, so I decided to serve it over a vegetable curry to disguise the taste. It was really yummy and satisfying.


To drink I had instant coffee in the morning, orange-infused water with meal 2 and San Pellegrino with a lime wedge at night.
(BTW, my Nespresso capsules arrived today. Yay!)


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