Whole30, day 11

Day 11 went fine. And I had to cook only one of my meals! Meal 2 was another of the OTB boxes, and Meal 3 was in a restaurant with family.

Today was also a day I wanted to accept the invitation for a brunch next Monday (Memorial Day), wanted to remind them of my way of eating, but didn’t want to sound too demanding or high maintenance. But I managed. I starting crafting the email not being sure about how to say it, when I remembered I was going to meet them on a kids party this evening. So I decided to try talking to them in person. I got at the party really late and first simply confirmed that we were going. Then at some point (not on purpose trying to get to subject. Really!) I mentioned that I was getting hungry and she pointed to the room where the eating had happened and said:

I guess they still have some stuff there.

I had already looked when I got in with my oldest daughter and saw all they had was sandwiches and cake. So I just said:

Oh, but there is nothing there that I eat.

That comment was the trick. It made her remember that I’m a picky eater and then she asked what do I eat so she could make sure to provide me with something on Monday. Yay! I did not get into too many details about seed oils and added sugar, but I reminder her that all I eat is meats, veggies and fruits, but no grains and not legumes. They are very nice and the guy is an awesome cook, but most of the times some of his awesome cooking in out of reach for me. Last time we came to their place was on Thanksgiving and he was baking some yummy pita bread. I’ve given up bread, but could not resist it and had it. I wasn’t on Whole30 at that time. But this time I am and will really try to avoid out of reach foods. But now she knows! So I guess I’m good! 😉

Meal 1 was the one I cooked myself. As always (or almost always) it was eggs. Green eggs, as I mixed it with leftover zucchini, leftover asparagus and leftover spinach! And ham! Prosciutto ham, that is. So kinda Dr. Seuss-ish. Would ya? In a box? With a fox?


Meal 2 was a meal I bought actually 2 boxed of. Just because it sounded good and because pork seems to be the meat they do the best. In teh menu today was Pork roast with mashed yucca and green beans. I have eaten yucca my whole life, especially the first 27 years of my life, when I was in Brazil and living on a house where we actually had yucca growing at our backyard. It was soooo yummy. Traditionally, the most common ways to eat it is cooked with butter and salt on top, fried just like french fries (the most popular format, actually), or on a pure on top of dry beef, a.k.a. escondidinho, or hidden little one. The mashed yucca in the box was just cooked and mashes, not really pureed (which assumes some milk or cream to make it creamy). But it was still good. My friend was with me again, after a nice walk and she got curious about it and tried a bit of the yucca. And the pork is indeed their specialty. It was really good!


Then I had the party, which again made me be sure dinner would come late. So before arriving I snacked on half an epic bar, half my hunger during the festivities and then stopped at the restaurant in the same mall for dinner. The restaurant is a Italian restaurant that have been there forever, but that recently had to modify itself a bit. They used to have 2 places, side by side. A standard a la carte prepared complete meals Italian restaurant and a pizzeria (a pretty good one, by the way). But recently, in the same mall, another pizzeria was opened and I guess that kinds of ‘killed’ their old one. So they merged both places in the restaurant space and changes the menus a bit. Looking at the new menu I was leaning to ordering a Red Snapper when I saw they had quails. Quails! Another items that reminded me of my early days. But what I used to have when growing up in Brazil was the quail eggs. Never the bird. So I could not resist ordering it to try it for the first time! It was a bit too charred, but the meat was yummy. Although tiny, it reminded me more of duck and of chicken. Hum…


The when I posted the pictures of my meals in our private facebook group, our trainer commented with:

yucca? & quail? talk about variety folks!!!



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