Whole30, day 10

10 days = one third of the way to the end of the program.

Today I also recruited one one my workout/whole30/work pals to go for a walk just before lunch. We walked about 2.5 miles in 41 minutes then we heated up of Whole30 meals and sat down to enjoy them. It was great to have company and to peak on what the other folks have been eating. For her it was Chinese-style pork patty with tons of vegetables and some grapes to top it of. It was all made by herself. She was saying that she used to go out for dinner almost everyday, and not with Whole30 she’s bee cooking instead and is loving it. She says she sees cooking like a form of art. I totally agree with her and would love to cook more, but life has been busy those days… 😦 We’re planning to do the same tomorrow again!


Today the morning was tricky. Yesterday I used the last capsule of caffeinated coffee I had in the house, so today instead of reviving my drip machine, I though it would be ok to have decaff instead. Well… is wasn’t really. I went to bad late last night and didn’t sleep as many hours as I should have, then a decaff coffee in the morning meant I was dragging myself all morning. Until I got to the office where I got a cup of regular yummy coffee (it was still morning, so still on my goal of no coffee in the afternoon). But after than, thing went back to normal and I could feel the tiger blood running again. 😉

So for my first meal I had decaff coffee but also sweet potato has with chicken sausage and 2 fried eggs on top. It was kind of cute looking, because it looked like the eggs were an alien eating the hash below it… 😛



Then, on meal 2 with my friend, I had another box from OTB. People has been asking me what OTB stands for. It’s Outside the Box, and are the guys who have been cooking most of my weekday lunches… ;o) Today’s box had cod tacos with a cabbage, sweet potatoes wedges, green sofrito sauce and plantain tortillas. I wasn’t too sure about the tortillas, since technically they were an attempt to paleotize a a regular non-paleo recipe, which is kind of prohibited in Whole30. But I wanted at least to try. And so I did. And I did not like it, which means in the end I didn’t really have them. Win-win. Everything else was pretty good though. The sofrito sauce is really yummy.



Then, in the evening I had a meeting with my daughter’s Jumping rope trainers. Actually future trainers. She has been jumping rope as an after school program and the lady to offers it in school referred her to be part of a team she works with too. Yoo-hoo!! Proud momma went to the meeting to learn more about the program and will be registering her for the next school year!

But back to me now. The meeting would start at 6:30 and if it took an hours this would mean I wouldn’t be home before 8:00. I had some time before the meeting, so I decided to stop by a grocery store that’s next to them and try to find myself some easy to eat (no prep required) and compliant snack to get me through until I got home for meal 3. Couldn’t find no compliant bars or deli meats (they all contained sugar), so decided to check the olive section, and bough delicious niçoise olives. (BTW, I also bought some instant coffee for the next days until my nespresso stuff arrives and future emergencies).


Then, once at home, I had the leftovers from a couple days ago fajita style beef, on top of collard green with (compliant!) prosciutto.



To drink, I had the decaff coffee in the morning, pineapple-infused water for lunch and San Pellegrino for dinner, with a lot of plain water in between.


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