Whole30, day 9

Today the topic we discussed on our group was reading labels.

I guess it was trigered by yesterday’s picture sent by H.H. that had a carton of Vita Coco coconut water. I used to buy those a lot and I rememeber during one of my past Whole30 coming to the sad realization that it was not compliant because it contained sugars.

I sent the warning to her, and then today Miss V sent a follow up on it describing the differences between Fruit Sugar vs. Fruit Juice:

From my W30/Paleo mentor:

‘Any of the marketing splash they put on the bottle is not valid from an FDA ingredient requirement.  The actual ingredient list is the definitive.

If the ingredients show some sort of sugar added, then I would nix it.

If the additive is “fruit juice”- then that is compliant….  If the additive is “fruit sugars” or “fructose” then big-red-button.

Here’s the label…  looks like “sugar” to me!  J

Sometimes we’ll see – the “with pineapple” and “with orange” list fruit puree or fruit juices but not sugar….. so.. technically ok, but still discouraged.’



Which again is sad. But… there are other brands of coconut water out there that are ok. My favorite one is Naked, but sometimes I also buy Harvest Bay’s.

As for my meals, they were good.

On Meal 1, I had eggs again, but this time decided to go for ‘sweeter’ vegetables, and added some sun-dried tomatoes and capers (ok, capers are not really sweet, but the tomatoes prevail 😉 ) and topped it all with arugula.


Last night the Outside the Box guys came and delivered another 5 little boxes of Whole30 compliant meals at my door. They actually got delayed due to the high volume of orders this week, and at some point I was wondering if my order went through. So I emailed them and they explained about the delay, then checked with the driver and told me the food would be coming to me in about 15 minutes. And it did! Yay. (I just wonder if the strangely high volume of orders this week had anything to do with me advertising them to our group… )

So for my Meal 2, I had one of the new boxes, which was a Grass-fed beef chimichurri salad. I think honestly that ordering a salad from them feels even more overpriced than other kinds of meals, but I was really curious about their chimichurri sauce and that’s why I decided to go for it. It was a big salad and it tasted pretty good. The chimichurri was great too.


Then for my meal 3, my mom have spent the day at my place taking care of my daughter, so she cooked some ground beef and spinach. She does not do the ground beef the same way as I do, but it was still pretty good and yummy. 😉 So I had some of that ground beef with asparagus and spinach (which she would typically make creamed, but didn’t since I’m not eating diary). Yay to mommy!


To drink, I went for coffee in the morning (my last caffeinated Nespresso capsule. OMG! Tomorrow I’ll be in trouble!), then infused water with meal 2, and San Pellegrino with a slice of orange in meal 3.




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