Whole30, day 8

A week has passed and today I enter my second week in the program.

After a week, I’m definitely sleeping better and waking up naturally more refreshed. I also noticed consistent energy levels throughout the day. I even suggested a new topic on a meeting! Look at that! Tiger blood kicking in??? Yay!

The coffee cravings seem to have gone too. Yay again!

So as you can see, the day went pretty well. And I continued to eat well and according to plans too.

On my first meal, I remembered I had half an avocado at the fridge. Thanks to a tip I saw once posted my Michelle Tan on facebook, it was still green and looking edible.

The tip?
Store it together with some onions.
So I had on my fridge a plastic container with half an avocado sitting next to a half-used onion.
The trick works wonders! My avocado was nicely green still.

But back to meal 1… I decided then to have the avocado and sliced it, added some leftover leeks from a couple nights ago and then topped with 2 fried eggs. Yum!



For my second meal, I brought to work the last remaining box I had on my fridge from OTB. Today 5 more will arrive, so I guess I’m covered for all lunches this week + 1 next week. On the box today I had some chicken and prawns gumbo with cauliflower rice and broccoli. It was ok. Not great, but not bad either. I don’t know why, but I never really enjoy their chicken stuff. Maybe because chicken is far from being my favorite choice of meat? Then after I finished the box I had a banana just to top it off (it was actually quite a while later, since I had yoga class in between).



Then for dinner, my parents came over so we could sing happy birthday to dad on the correct day. I sliced some beef and turned it into fajita-style beef, seasoned with cumin, coriander, paprika, salt and pepper. I made enough for the whole family and then eat it on top of greens (mixed lettuce and arugula). After cleaning my plate I had a couple slices of pineapple as I cut it for hubby.



For drinking, I had coffee in the morning, orange-infused water on meal 2 and San Pellegrino at night. Lots of plain water in between.


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