Whole30, weekend 1 (days 6 and 7)

First weekend on Whole30!

And weekends tend to be always a challenging time because it’s when we tend to have social gathering where it’s harder to have control of the food we eat.

Saturday was ok, though. The only social gathering was a kid’s party for my youngest daughter, but it was at a between meals time, so all I had to do was to say ‘No, thanks’ to the pizza and cake they offered and I was good. I wasn’t hungry at all so I did not suffer from not having compliant foods available to me.

What I did feel on Saturday was that somehow I needed more carbs. Maybe it was the workout yesterday, I don’t know. So to fix that, on meal 2 I decided to have carb-dense vegetables and sautéed some white potatoes and carrots to go with my meat. I would have preferred sweet potatoes, but didn’t have any at home. On the grocery list now! ;o)


On Sunday though, it was a bit more challenging, but I was prepared. It was the day before my dad’s birthday and we thought it would be easier to go for lunch on a Sunday than it would be to go for dinner on a Monday after work, school, after-school programs, etc. So we chose a restaurant of his liking and I checked the menu before hand to make sure I’d find something to eat myself.
We went to Buca di Peppo restaurant and I had their Chicken Saltimbocca, which was described in the menu as:

Chicken Saltimbocca

topped with prosciutto and sage, served with artichoke hearts, lemon, capers and lemon butter sauce

I probably did have some prohibited hidden ingredients there, though.
Was the butter clarified?
Did the prosciutto had sugar on it??
Was there any sulfites anywhere???
Can’t tell, but… oh well! I did the best I could.

Then, in the evening, I had a party at a friend’s place. She did not ask anyone to bring anything (except dessert for which she picked the people she knew were the more skilled on those specific desserts she was planning for), but I decided to bring something in any case just to make sure I’d eat something. It was good that I did it, because even the meats she served (deli meats and smoked salmon) were not compliant, all of them including sugar on their ingredient lists.

My contribution was with some zucchini boats, which contained also tomato sauce, prosciutto, grape tomatoes, leeks and basil. It was very yummy and, with the exception of our vegetarian friend who did not touch it because of the prosciutto, everyone enjoyed it. The problem though, was that the amount of prosciutto was very small so, even though I eat quite a bit, I still felt hungry later, probably due to not having enough satisfying protein.

So I made it through the weekend!



Note: I also had some fruits here and there over the weekend. But I write this on a Tuesday and can’t remember exactly which fruits or when. Not in between meals, though, but right after. 😉


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