Whole30, Day 5

Day 5 of my Whole30 5… This was also the day I ate out for the first time since we started.

My manager scheduled team lunch with all of her reports and we picked The Tipsy Cow Burger Bar as the place we were going to. The Tipsy Cow is a place that serves very high quality burgers, made with grass fed beef and with other items (produce, cheese, wines, beer) mostly locally-resourced. A pretty nice place.
But still burgers, which typically comes with bread and cheese. So earlier this week I did my homework and contacted them asking about a few items on their menu. More specifically about the aiolis. They replied me within a day saying that the aiolis did contain canola oil, but that I could order my sandwich with stone ground mustard instead, which would make the sandwich I was considering ordering pretty good too.


And that’s what I did, I picked one sandwich that did not contain any cheese from start, then ordered it with no bun and no aioli, but with some stone ground mustard instead. Nice!


The meal was good, but it was a bit too dry without the aioli, so I called the server and asked for olive oil. But for whatever reason the olive oil didn’t feel right. Maybe it wasn’t extra virgin??? I don’t know. I had it, but less than I could have just because it looked too pale and flavorless to me.

Also the onions were raw, which although does not bother me for the taste while I eat it, it does bothers me later on for not being able to get rid of it’s taste that easily. So a couple hours later, I decided to go for a cup of Rooibos tea as an attempt to get rid of the onion breath. It did work for that, but it made me so drowsy… weird.

I also got myself a banana just in case I would find out an hour later that the sandwich was not satisfying enough. Part of this worry came from an email we got in our group the day before, from someone who had also been there for team lunch:

Team lunch today at the Tipsy Cow… 😮 I ordered salad with grilled salmon (salad had mixed greens, walnuts and cranberries), hold the dressing and just give me oil and vinegar. Was great actually but forgot to ask to hold the cheese, so ended up scraping off the goat cheese which felt like a crime. My stomach was full and the salad was delish.

Question: why, then, do I feel hungry less than an hour later? Literally my tummy is growling. And I feel starving all the time. And I’m a total bitch.

The banana tempted me for the entire afternoon, but I was able to not really need it until I got home, which is the goal anyways. Yay! So I guess H.H.’s problem was more about the cravings, as describe’d on Day’s 4 Whole30 Daily Newsletter:


(or else, next time she should just go for the bun-less sandwiches then. 😉 )

But I guess I’m going ahead of myself. Haven’t even talked breakfast yet.

My first meal of the day was eggs again. This time mixed with the last 2 slices of pork loin, the last pieces of kale and a bit of leftover eggplant. Coffee for drinking.


Then meal 2 was the one I described above: Seatown sandwich from The Tipsy Cow Burger Bar, but with no bun, no aioli, and stone ground mustard and some olive oil instead. To drink I had a San Pellegrino (THAT was not locally sourced…;) ) with a lemon wedge.


Then on my last meal I had Ropa Vieja with green beans, eggplant and butternut squash. To drink, once again San Pellegrino, but this time with a lime wedge.



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