Whole30, Day 4

Day 4 and I can already see the difference on a few areas.

I’m sleeping much better now. Still a little less hours than I’d like, but that’s more due to the fact that I have guests, to whom I ended up hanging out after taking the kids to bed. But then, once I sleep, I’ve been sleeping faster, more soundly and waking up only once for potty.

I also noticed a slight improvement on my energy level. On my lunch time walk today I got a better pace than I have been doing in a long time. About 2 minutes/mile faster! And much better disposed for work.

And my mood is also better. Not that I was too moody before, but I’ve been feeling a lot stressed out and that was being somehow reflected on how easily I was getting irritated. Now I seem much less irritated, in spite of the fact that the stressors are still the same as last week’s.

Food-wise I did good again.

On meal 1, at first I though about going egg-less, using some sugar-free smoked salmon (the kind that is thicker and looks fully cooked rather than sushi-like) and topping it with a basil-avocado paste, following (sort of) the recipe for Basil Avocado Baked Salmon, from The Paleo Mom. But then I changed my mind and decided that the salmon would actually be for Meal 2 and I’d have eggs again for meal 1. But the amount of basil-avocado paste was a bit too much for the size of my salmon, so I used the leftovers on my eggs. Yay. It was very yummy. I also added a few berries at the side, just to complement it a bit. Coffee for drink.


On meal 2 I had my salmon! To go with it, I grabbed the leftover kale from yesterday and added some shredded carrots on top. For drinking, the pinapple-pear infused water from the cafeteria.


The on the last meal of the day I had the pork loin again, but this time with spinach and eggplant, drizzled with Tessemae’s Lemon Garlic dressing. San Pellegrino with a couple lime edges was my drinking choice.



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