Whole30, Day 3

Day 3 is supposed to be the day where your energy goes low. Mine is OK I guess, but we need to consider the changes I’ve made on my diet were not drastic, as I’ve been eating ‘good-with-a-few-slips’ for almost 2 years now. I do remember though that on the first time I did the Whole30 the lack of energy did hit my hard at the end of day 3, and lasted until about day 7 or 8.

From our group, only one person reported being extremely tired today. The topic of the day we discussed on email was instead about how people are handling snacking (or rather trying not to and coping with it). We got a few answers, all admitting sometimes it happens, which I’m posting here:

I’ve got a quick question: how are people handling the Whole 30 guidance to eat 3 meals a day and “don’t snack, if you can help it”? How strict are people being about that? I’ve mostly had an apple or some nuts as a snack but just wondering what other people are doing.


Ditto, I don’t have dinner until 7.30, so it becomes a long gap from 12 [lunch] to 7.30. I too am having a fruit and some nuts.
Would be good to know if someone has conquered the not having snack bit.


I also end up snacking a bit between lunch  and dinner. But I try to keep it small and savory.  Yesterday I had a couple of paleo jerky strips and a handful of macadamias. (I also tried a piece of dried mango from primal pack, but it was too sweet :p)


Adventures in car repair land this morning (= stress) made me want a pastry when I was finally on my way to work!  Had a pecan pie Lara bar instead.  The Whole30 reminds me I can be an emotional eater when stressed or bored.


The third one above was my own reply. But today I gotta say I was able to not snack at least until I got home, in spite of the banana I brought to the office for potential hunger emergencies (saving it for tomorrow ;o). At home I ended up grabbing a handful of macadamias to help during the get-kids-clean-then-cook-dinner process.

Now it’s time for pictures!

On meal 1, I made an omelet, which I filled with some leftovers: tri tip, asparagus and shredded zucchini. The tri tip was starting to taste old, so it was a good thing I froze the other big piece of it. For drinking, coffee.


On meal 2, today I resorted to one of the little boxes I buy from Outside the Box.

Outside the Box (or OTB) is a paleo food truck that serves the Seattle area and that also delivers food to home. The food is tasty and last week I asked them specifically if they’re Whole 30 compliant. They said that, with the exception of the muffins and the granola, all the items in that week’s menu are. They publish the menu on Wednesday and you can order until Friday about noon, so they’d deliver on Monday. It’s much more expensive than cooking your own, but when time is short (or your fridge is getting empty of fresh produce), it can be a life saver ;). Their website is http://www.eat-otb.com/

So today I had their spaghetti squash with bolognese and bok choy. And it was delicious!



Then for meal 3, I thaw a pork loin I cooked a couple weeks ago, and had a few slices of it with kale and oranges. The kale was made with a bit of onions, turnip and coconut aminos. To drink, San Pellegrino with a few more slices of orange.



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