Whole30 – version 5!!! Why?


So I have just started a new Whole30!

People may ask me why? Why do you keep doing it over and over again? 5 times???

Well, for each time I did I had a different reason, but since the 3rd time, the reason is basically the same: to get back on track.
The changes I saw after my first Whole30 were amazing. So amazing that I wanted to eat like that forever! And I sort of try it by having become a paleo-eater. But not 100% of the time…
And THAT’s the reason why I sometimes need to do Whole30 again to get back on track.

This time around, I haven’t been on track since October actually.
Every year, the period between end of October and beginning of January is the hardest for me, due to my birthday celebrations, followed by Halloween (not a candy eater at all – never been – but there are always parties going on…), followed by hubby’s birthday celebrations, followed by Thanksgiving, followed by my daughter’s birthday celebrations, followed by the holidays… So I typically go completely out of track during those months. Not every day, but enough to bring back some of my old habits and cravings.

Then in January I did Whole30 again, but I wasn’t strong enough to continue on track after it, and went back to chocolate/beer and an occasional something else.

My biggest problem is chocolate. I do prefer the dark one, which is diary free, and I do read the labels so I buy stuff that do not contain soy lecithin, but there is still sugar on it. Loads of it. (Loooove the TAZA dark chocolate discs, Coconut Secret’s Peruvian Crunch and Theo chocolate of any dark flavor!) So having one piece always ends up making me craving for a second piece, then a third… and when I notice, after only a few days, maybe weeks, I’m eating an entire bar on a day. Or more!

Beer is also somewhat problematic. It’s not like I’d have it everyday, but on parties it’s always available, and of all the gluten thingies, beer is the only one and truly actually miss. I try to resist for a while, then one day I decide to have only one. I do feel the effects of it immediately, which can vary from migraine, to bloating, to joint pain, to all of them (most likely all of them). What I have been trying lately is to consume gluten free beers, preferably made out of non-gluten grains, like Red Bridge, which is made out of sorghum (some beers are ‘de-glutinized’ which means they may still have low amounts of gluten on it, just like decaff coffee still have some caffeine – that’s the case of Omission beer – they taste awesome but don’t hit me very well).

The occasional something else typically means diary. Some little cheese here, something cooked with cream there… but that’s minimal, so it does not concern me much.

Those ‘just a little bit won’t hurt’ episodes are actually hurting me, and I feel by plantar fasciitis coming back, as well as joint pains.

I am also struggling with emotional eating. The past few months have been somewhat stressful and I have been eating a lot to try to alleviate stress, which is not something too healthy.

And Whole30 helps with all of the above, so here you go… the reasons why I keep doing it over and over again.

Another reason for this time around, but a weaker one, is that my friends are also doing it as a group and I decided to join them. But that was more on an excuse to start now than a real reason.


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