Whole30, Day 2

On Day 2 I ate well and ‘intentionally’ within the plan, but at the evening I had some sad news that one of the items that was left over from the churrasco was not really compliant.
And I had it twice since starting Whole30! At meal 3 of day 1, and then again at meal 1 of day 2… 😦

The item was the delicious vinaigrette my friend brought. I was curious because it seems to have cucumber, which is something I don’t typically add, so I decided to ask her what’s on it. She replied very proudly saying that she used all organic items:

“I use everything organic. I soak the sweet onion for about 2 hours, then I chop cucumbers, sweet tomato and parsley. Then I season with lime, vinegar and organic extra virgin olive oil…” .

By then I was very happy about everything I was reading. But then she ends with:

“…the salt is the My Secret seasoning mix from Knorr* that my family sends me from Brazil”
* it’s actually Maggi, but she messed up when writing

BOOM! All my happiness went down the drain.
Maggi seasoning??? Seriously???
That’s guaranteed non-compliant items. At least MSG for sure!

So I sadly threw it away, and then started to wonder if I should reset the count to day 0 again, or go on, since it was non-intentional.
Some people from my support team thinks I should go on, but then later I found out there is much more than just MSG on that thingy.


translated from portuguese by google chrome. crossed word was my edit because it doesn’t make sense here

So I’m still not sure. Maybe I can go on, but do 32 days instead… ;o)

But apart from that accidental exposure to a bunch of bad stuff, I did well otherwise.

On meal 1, I decided to go egg-less and had an avocado, with the unkownly-at-the-time-non-compliant vinaigrette, and some compliant prosciutto. Coffee for drink.


Then on meal 2, I had Paleo glazed chicken wings (recipe from meatified) with spinach, broccoli slaw, zucchini and mini-peppers, dressed with Tessemae’s Southwest Ranch. The dressing didn’t match the wings too well, though. For drinking, I had 2 flavors of infused water. First I got one with pineapple, pear and fennel, but then I saw a cranberry one that looked so beautiful at the jar, that I took it as a refill when the pineapple one was over. The pineapple was better, though. 😉


Then, between lunch and dinner I felt the need to snack again. I was still in the office when I started to feel hungry so I decided to open the little pouch from Primal Pac I got as a sample when I went over to see Dallas and Melissa on their book tour last week.
I had a couple pieces of the jerky and one piece of dried mango. I did not enjoy the dried mango too much though. Too sweet!


For the third meal, I had the last pieces of the chicken wings with some vegan pesto asparagus. San Pellegrino with a slice of lime to satisfy my thirst.


With that, most of my leftovers from the churrasco was gone. I still have a big chunk of tri tip that I froze for some other time (it starts tasting old if left in the fridge for too long) and only a tiny amount of it in the fridge, that I plan to use on tomorrow’s breakfast.


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