Whole30, Day 1

Day 1 of Whole30 went great.

With all the leftovers from the churrasco we had the day before, it was also food-wise easy.

In other areas it was ok.
I did not sleep well at night, so I was feeling tired and sleepy all day long, but it was mostly due to sleep deprivation than to food.
How the sleep deprivation affected the whole food-change thingy is that I really craved coffee in the afternoon.
Then I went to a meeting that made me even sleepier, but I still resisted the urge and did not go for coffee.

I know coffee is allowed (without sugars or creamers), but I made one of my goals to not have it in the afternoon.
In the past few years I came to realize that I sleep much better when I have coffee only in the morning. In the afternoon, even if early, it affects the quality of my sleep. When it’s early in the afternoon, it won’t prevent me from sleeping, but the sleep will not be great and I’ll wake up more often for potty (not that my bladder gets fuller, but since I’m awake, let’s just empty it…)

That was actually the only hard thing about day 1.

As food goes, on my first meal, I had scramble eggs with mini peppers and seasoned with herbs and salt. Then I finished it up with a banana. To drink, good old black coffee.


On the second meal, I took some leftovers and packed for work. The veggies were marinated but not grilled, and since I don’t have a grill in the office, they had to be cooked in the microwave. And they did have to be cooked, because it was zucchini (ok to eat raw) and eggplant (not ok to eat raw!). For the meat, the last 3 pieces of ribs. Yummy. And to drink, water infused with cucumber and lemon.


Then in the evening, when I got home I was extremely hungry, so I snacked a bit on macadamias. Just a bit. Then as I prepared dinner I heated up tri tip for me and my oldest daughter and chicken wings for my youngest daughter (hubby is out of town, so nothing form him). I don’t mind eating cold chicken, so my next snack before it was all ready was a cold chicken wing.
Once it was all ready, I had the tri tip with a salad made out of spinach, shredded zucchini, and vinaigrette with extra red and orange peppers. Then 2 strawberries. To drink, San Pellegrino, with a slice of lime.



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