Whole30, Day 0

I have a confession to make. My day 0 was not really and truly a preparation day for the month to come.

It was mother’s day and I had a big group of mommy friends coming over to celebrate with a Brazilian-style barbecue (churrasco).

Churrasco can be paleo paradise, since we grill tons of meats of all sorts and serve it with sides. The typical sides are rice, farofa (sautéed manioc flour), vinaigrette, potato salad and green salad. But I like the idea of grilling veggies too at the grill. It was potluck style and I provided the meats, while the guests brought the sides.

But let’s go one by one on the listed sides:

  • Rice -> grain! out of question
  • Farofa -> ok if made with manioc flour, but for this specific party, the person who brought it decided to make it with corn meal and, on top of that, add some some corn to it 😦
  • Vinaigrette -> the way we do for churrasco, it resembles pico de gallo, but without jalapeno and swimming in a mixture of olive oil and vinegar. The one we had this time was greenish, so I don’t think she added tomatoes to it and it also seems to have some cucumber maybe. It’s delicious though, and I’m assuming (actually hoping) she did not add any prohibited hidden ingredients.
  • Potato salad -> made with regular mayo. She made two different versions: one with feta cheese and the other without it.
  • Green salad -> one of those packaged ones, with kale, spinach some other greens, cranberries, roasted pumpkin seeds and poppy seed dressing.

And there were also deserts: Costco red velvet cake, home-made banoffe and Trader Joe’s cheesecake.

I hadn’t started on the Whole30 yet, so I (again!) allowed myself a bit and had the meats (good), the grilled veggies (good), some corn farofa (not good), some vinaigrette (good), a bit of the green salad (with the cranberries and dressing = probably not too good). And also regular gluten-containing beer (bad!)! And also banoffe + a bite on the red velvet cake (just a bite, as it was waaay too sweet for me – bad again!).

So it was a funny day 0. On the day I was supposed to be preparing, I was actually eating a bunch of stuff I probably shouldn’t. But I guess that was ok, after all, it was the last day in a bit I could have them anyways…

And just to make it sound a bit better, I had lots of leftovers of grilled meats and veggies and the vinaigrette, which means in the end it did help me with getting ready by making sure I’ll have good stuff to eat during the week 😉

But the preparation is not only about the food, right?

We’re also supposed to check the before to be able to compare with the after later, and to write down our goals.

That’s something I actually did on the morning on day 1, but here it goes listed here anyways.


Weight: 130lb

Body fat: 27%

Waist: 34 inches




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