Coming back

It’s been a while since I write on any blogs.

Life is busy so I haven’t been able to spend too much time writing at all.

Since my last post, I did Whole 30 for the 4th time between January 12th and February 12th of 2015, ending it conveniently just before Valentines, so I could have a decadent (but still Paleo) chocolate dessert.

I still like the idea of documenting Whole30’s, and my approach at that time was to post the pictures of my food in instagram.

Here are some of my favorites from back then.

#whole30 #day7 #meal2 Bacalao

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#whole30 #day17 #meal1 Sweet potato hash with quail eggs

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But during that period, which I was still on Whole30, I received an email from Miss V, calling up for a group Whole30 again, starting in April. Since I had a cruise ship scheduled for April and was already on Wholde30 in February anyways, I didn’t even bother to read the rest of the email and said “sorry but no”.

Then, a few days ago, she posts in our private facebook page a reminder that it would be starting in 12 days. That was when I realized that April was just the preparation for it (read the book, etc) but the planned starting  date was actually in May.

So i changed my mind and signed up for it.

And, as of today, it will start in 4 days only! On the day after Mother’s Day, Monday May 11th.

In a very timely manner, we just happen to have had the chance to see Dallas and Melissa in person yesterday on their book tour for the Whole30 book.


The book!



The authors



The authograph

There were at least 5 of us there: me, Miss V, Michelle, Elsa and Cynthia.
It was very cool and very inspiring to see them talking about the program just a few days before restarting it.

So this post is mostly to say that I’ll be coming back to daily (or at least frequent) posts next week, to document again my new Whole30 experience.

See you all next week!


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