Know Your Numbers 2014


As I mentioned on my post last year, my company have a annual campaign, when they bring healthcare people on-site between September and November to screen the employees for potential health issues. It’s free and open for all employees and dependents.

In those screenings they check your blood sugar, cholesterol levels, triglycerides, blood pressure and body composition.

I’ve been doing it for quite some time and I love comparing the numbers between the years. This year I scheduled mine for this morning.

I don’t have the records from before 2011, but since then, my worse year was 2012 and my best one was this year. Yeah! Actually there were a couple measurements that were slightly better last year, but they are still pretty good.

Here is the table comparing the last 3 years:

Measurement 2012 2013 2014
Total Cholesterol 176
HDL 48
(high risk)
LDL 108
(near desirable)
Total/HDL Ratio 3.7
Triglycerides 101
BMI 25 (borderline high) 23.6 (normal weight) 24 (normal weight)
Body Fat 32% (borderline high) 30.6% (recommended) 32% (normal)*
Glucose 91

* In 2012 32% was borderline high and this year the same 32% was normal because I ‘jumped’ one age group and am now being evaluated within the 40-59 age range, which is a little bit more allowing. Also, depending on where you look, those borderlines numbers can vary between 32 and 33. It did increased since last year, though, which is not great, but it’s still under the normal range, so it’s fine.

And here, this year’s numbers in a nice graphic presentation:


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