Outside the Box

It’s been a while since I don’t post here, and I’ll make myself no excuses.

But I came back today for a very good reason.

A few months ago I heard of a Paleo Food Truck named Outside the Box that serves my area. I really wanted to try it, but their location was never too close to where I was, so I didn’t have a chance.

outside the box paleo food truck

But that was something that has changed this week.

Last Wednesday I saw at 4:00 PM a post in their facebook page that they’d be in one of the buildings of my company campus. I could not believe I missed it, so I replied to the post asking if they’d be back on the following Wednesday, and they said they would.


So yesterday, off I go, leaving my own building and walking to the one they were last week. When I got there from the route I know, the passage was closed due to construction (and in this case construction is good, because otherwise there would be no food trucks), so I had to go around the building until I found the food truck area. And they were not there! :o( So I checked their facebook page again and saw a post from a few hours earlier announcing the change of plans and the new building.

So off I go again to track them down to the other building, until I finally found them.

I ordered crispy pork belly, which came with cauliflower rice and green beans. The crispy pork belly was very yummy (and crispy!). Green beans were pretty good too. Cauliflower rice, well… it’s cauliflower, nothing special, but no bad. Not because of the cook, rather the ingredient…

crispy pork belly with cauliflower rice and green beans

Then today, I had only 20 minutes to grab something and come back for a meeting but I still decided to check if they’d be around. They were, and in spite of my lack of time, I decided to go there and try a different dish today. Due to my time constrains I asked what was the fastest dish they had and got a beef stew with carrots and kale. Oh-My-God!!!! That thing was amazingly delicious!

Delicious Beef Stew

So high grades for Outside the Box. I’ll be certainly checking their schedule to see if I can find them nearby from now on.


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