Whole30, version 3, the last days (27-30)

day27 day28 day29 day30

If I was really continuing the Whole 30 until my race, today would have been day 41. But I’m not. I did the 30 days and since then I’m back to paleo, but more carefree eating (no worries about the oil they use in cafeteria, dark chocolate, some wine and beer and an occasional cheese).

The last few days were a little bit hard and I must admit I did slip a bit, because my husband came back from Belgium bringing me loads of Belgian dark chocolate. They had sugar. They had soy lecithin. But I couldn’t reject them, right? Poor hubby! So thoughtful! So I had some chocolate in the last few days. Delicious!


I also went out of town, where the perfect ingredients were a little hard to find, so I ended up using some regular butter, not the best brand of ham, and eating out a couple of times.

Because it has been over a week now (almost 2?) it’s kind of hard for me to describe exactly how the days went and every food I ate, but I do have a very few pictures, shown below:

day27-brft day28-dnr day29-lch day29-dnr day30-lch day30-dnr

After that, on day 31, I went completely off. Luckily it was the day we spend on a water slide park where food options were not of the best, so I could go completely off after the 30 days (nope, I wasn’t that strategic and planned the day of the water slide based on that, it was just an accidental good timing). Then, after I came back home, I went back to my regular Paleo-but-not-so-strict diet.

As for the before-after comparison, because I was out of town, I didn’t get a chance to weight myself right on day 31. But I did today (11 days after day 30) and it showed 124 pounds, which was 1.5 pounds less than on day 1. Not bad, considering I wasn’t overweight anyways.

My conclusion for doing 3 whole30 within a year while still trying to go clean in between is that: first time, you rock, do everything right and feel great about it all, second time, you get grumpy for having to pay too much attention to the hidden ingredients, third time, you relax and don’t pay that much attention, but also may not be able to say “yes I did it all right!”. And that’s where I stand right now. I tried Whole30 for the 3rd time last month, but I don’t feel I can say I did it well, considering all the chocolate slip at the end, the comforting eating and carefree picking of food when eating out. Oh well.



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