Whole30, version 3, day 26

day26Last day before hubby arrives back from his vacations! Yay! Also last day alone with the girls, which made me decide to take them out for dinner again. They love it and sees it as a mommy and me time, since it typically happens during the week, when I pick them up and daddy won’t come for dinner. During his trip that was true everyday, but I told them we would not be going out everyday. They were fine with it, but I still decided to treat them once again, on out last girls-only night.


In the morning I decided not to have eggs today. I have only 3 left and am not sure if I’ll have the chance and energy to stop by the grocery store for eggs only. I also have had one too many egg the day before, the 3 in the morning and one more at lunch, so I guessed going without them for a day wouldn’t hurt. So I grabbed the seeds and bit of pulp I took from the yellow squash the night before and heated it up with a chicken sausage and some coconut aminos.



At lunch time I met a friend, we walked a little bit (choosing a far cafeteria just to force us to walk – he was getting way behind in the fitbit step count….) and then had lunch before heading back to out offices. I grabbed a pesto roasted chicken (no diary in the pesto) and some roasted veggies. The chicken was good, the veggies just ok. It was still a good meal, but as it has been happening at lunch, especially when I have company, I did not take pictures.

Dinner was my girl’s-night-out-event with my kids. They chose Applebee’s again (they like that we can walk there from school and that they now have a little tablet with games at the table ;o). So we walked there and had out dinner. My pick today was a Bourbon Street Steak, which I’m pretty sure contained some non-whole30 ingredients, but was still one of the closest I could find to being compliant. The description of the dish on the menu was:

A juicy, tender 9 oz. steak jazzed up with Cajun spices. Served with sautéed onions & mushrooms and fried red potatoes.

The first bite was delicious, but the seasoning was a bit too strong, which meant that by the last bite I was overwhelmed a bit. Even got a bit of a headache. I’m cannot tell for sure it was because of the steak, but it did seem a bit like it was.


Then later at night, in spite of my promises to myself that I would keep distance from the raw cookies, I had a few of the lemon-flavored one. Not the whole bag, though. ;o)



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