Whole30, version 3, days 21-24

day21day22 day23 day24Sleep deprivation is no good. Ever.

This week hubby is out of town, so being the sole provider for the girls and the house, and having my full time job, and having to shower and clean the kitchen, and having to read my library book, which is due soon does not help with having enough hours of sleep.

And feeling sleep deprived does not help with feeling motivated to prepare nice healthy meals.

But I still resisted and made it pretty ok in the past few hectic day. There was only one tiny slip, on Friday night, after a even hectic-est day, that included several trips between home and kids school as well as a fender bender 3-car accident (I’m fine, kids were not with me, and no one got hurt, just the cars… ). So Friday night I could not resist and had a little piece of dark chocolate. No milk, but some sugar. I’d still not zero out the count for this Whole30, because sugar is not really my focus this time around and it was also a minimum amount.

Sunday I went to a friends house and she did try to tempt me with beer and hard lemonade, but I still went for water only and stayed true to the program.

So I guess the above is already enough to give you an idea of how the past days went.


Food-wise, and other than the chocolate sine on Friday, I guess I did ok.

Thursday I had my eggs fried with avocado and pico de gallo, inspired by the picture in the blog background <–> from Whole30, 2. To go with that I decided I want something more on my coffee and made myself a coconut milk mocha. 😉


Then during the day I had a salad for lunch and later in the afternoon I picked a few backberries and prunes on my trail walk. They were fresh and delicious and made a pretty darn good snack.


At dinner time, I gave the last pieces of steak to the girls, having no left overs for me, so I went for nori wraps filled with pesto, prosciutto, heart of palms and pico de gallo,and dipped into coconut aminos.


Friday I had eggs in the morning (sorry, can’t remember how I did them and there was no picture taken to remind me…), then a salad for lunch and a baked potato with bacon and mushroom for dinner. Nope, I did not bake a potato for myself, but I was on the go with the kids and that was the most friendly food I found myself in the place where we ended up stopping for dinner. It was supposed to come with cheese too, but I asked the guys to do mine with no cheese.

Saturday I started with eggs again, which if I’m not mistaken had avocado and pico de gallo. The the other meals were actually pretty good. For lunch I had ground beef with sweet potatoes and brocolli and for dinner I had eggplant pizzetes with a oven churrasco. Now translating: eggplant pizzetes is basically eggplant slices, topped with cherry tomatoes, olives and fresh basil and roasted in the oven. I could have added some tomato sauce too, but it didn’t occur to me  to do so at the time. Oven churrasco was due to laziness to connect the grill to the gas outlet. I planned to cook the beef at the grill, outdoors, to have a nice outdoor dinner with the kids, but it was already a bit late and there would not be too much day light left, then I realized the grill wasn’t even connected to the gas, so I got lazy and took the beef (which I had already salted as a churrasco) to cook it at the oven, on broil setting. And not only the food was great on Saturday, it was also pretty. To the point I decided to share my pictures in Instagram/facebook.

InstagramCapture_0cdcbfdd-2bfe-49ad-892e-600e8981c1d7_jpg InstagramCapture_860eb148-f5c8-4b26-9be5-408d3e57f52e_jpg

Then on Sunday, I had less eggs (2, instead of 3) with sausage, a bit of the sweet potatoes from Saturday and a bit of tomato sauce. It was pretty yummy. The for lunch I got all of the leftovers (eggplant, sweet potato, some pico de gallo) and mixed then in the pan to create a side for the left over of the ground beef. Dinner was tough tough. After lunch I went to a friends place and we stayed there until late. At some point we decided to feed the kids, but the menu was pasta, which is something I won’t eat. So I just munched on a little bit of lettuce, olive tapenade and heart of palms. Not enough to hold my hunger! When I got home I was starving but I still had to give kids a batch and put them in bed at a reasonable time. So I snacked on a bit of macadamias, a larabar and half a package of smoked salmon, just to hold until kids were asleep. Then later, I was finally able to sit down and eat a bit better but I had no energy and disposition to actually cook, so I ended up making myself 2 nori rolls with the remaining salmon and some pico de gallo. 😦



One good think I discovered in the past couple of days, though, was a paleo-friendly raw cookie, that’s not as sweet as the date-based bars. They’re made my goRaw. I tried 2 flavors: carrot and Ginger snap and was completely addicted to them. The only problem is that they have loads of Omega 6, due to the fact that their base is of sesame seeds. No not something I’ll be indulging on so much, but a nice taste snack with the right amount of sweetness.



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