Whole30, version 3, day 20

day20Busy day and night, without hubby to help with the kids.

Day 20. 2 thirds of the way, if we count to 30 only, about 40% if we count the 50 I’m planning. I must admit posting here is starting to get boring, a bit. And, the fact that I’ve been sleep deprived is making me forget to take pictures sometimes. But I’ll go on. At least until day 30. ;o)

Another thing that’s starting to get boring is the scrambled eggs.  day 19 I already changed a bit. Then yesterday I changed again and did soft boiled eggs. The eggs were good, but I decided to put them over a avocado that was not in it’s best shape, thinking it I carved only the pretty green parts it would still be fine. But it wasn’t really tasting good, so I fished the eggs and left the avocado. The problem with that was that I lost a lot of the runny yolk that was coating the avocado. 😦 sad… I love runny yolk.




At lunch time I went for a walk with a friend, and the walk ended in a cafeteria I don’t really like (they don’t have plain olive oil in the salad bar, just a blend with sunflower!!!). So he stayed there to grab something an run to his meeting and I went on to the next cafeteria, what I know has stuff I can and want to eat. But I’m also getting tired of cold salads, so I decided to order a chicken at the grill and make a smaller cold salad to go with it. Then, I saw a pretty lamb burger with eggplant and roasted garlic. I could not resist I asked the guy to make it with no bun and wrap it in lettuce instead. He also added a tomato slice and the thing was nice. Extremely garlicky, though, which tastes good, but made me feel the garlic all day long…


For dinner, It was kind of in a rush. My daughter starts in public school in a couple of week and we’re hiring an old friend to be her nanny. But although hubby and I know the lady for quite some time, the kids don’t. So yesterday we asked her to babysit the girls just so they could get to know each other a bit better before school starts. I also wanted to discuss a few details, give her the keys for the house….. When she arrived I was still giving the girls a shower, so after they got dresses they went to show the lady their bedroom and I came downstairs to cook dinner. But I did want to give her time to interact with the kids before bedtime, so I didn’t spend much time cooking much for me and left right after eating. The meal was beef steak with roasted eggplants. The amount of eggplant was not good enough, but I still had only that. And did not take pictures….

Then, later on, after the girls were in bed, I was back home and babysitter/nanny was out of the house, I snacked a bit before bed. That’s also not great, but I was getting hungry again. The snacks were blueberries, almonds and some prosciutto.




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