Whole30, version 3, day 19

day19Busy day and night, without hubby to help with the kids.

Morning was as usual, then afternoon all the same, but in the evening I had to drive my oldest daughter to gymnastics, bringing the little one along. Their bright idea to prevent the little one from getting bored was that she could do a trial class with her sister. But the age difference puts them on different age-groups, classes, times. So when we got there, I ended up having to distract little sister with something else (aka my phone) because the last preschool age class was finished and she could not join her big sister on the same class. 😦

Then, usually on gymnastics days, hubby bathes the kids while I cook dinner. Without him to help, I thought that by the time we get home and I bath them it would be really late for dinner already. So we decided to eat out right after the class, in some place in between, then go home just for the bath and bed.

It was fun, but tiring. Today I am sooooooo sleepy!!!

My first meal was breakfast, for which I had eggs once again. This time it was a pretty filling one, though because I used the one meatball and lots of tomato sauce that was left the day before.



For lunch, I had a cafeteria salad again. But again I was chatting with a good friend and forgot to take pictures. The biggest problem with my salad, tough, was that they did not have any of the meats I typically eat from their salad bar. All of the cooked meats contain some seed oils, and their deli meat probably some sugar and potentially gluten. So I end up always grabbing either shrimp or tuna. And those were exactly the only items missing on the salad bar. 😦 So I went for even more eggs, and the salad felt like missing something.

And talking about my friend, she’s also trying Whole30, after hearing about it from me. Yay!

At night, after my daughter’s gymnastics class, we stopped by a place called Lake Forest Bar and Grill. We drive by it every week, after gymnastics and swimming class, but we had never stopped by to try it out. Until yesterday. The place is nice and the food was pretty good. I ordered a plate called Grilled NW Salmon, that had as description:

Grilled NW Salmon

Topped with cucumber fennel salad and lemon herb vinaigrette. Served with roasted red potatoes and seasonal veggies.

I didn’t have my phone though to take pictures, as serving as a distraction to my youngest daughter drained all of its battery power. So here a tiny picture from their online menu. The presentation was indeed pretty like in the picture, the only difference was that the picture seems to have broccolini, while the one I got had string beans as ‘seasonal veggies’. The lemon herb vinaigrette was awesome. and so was the fennel. Yum! I love fennel!



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