Whole30, version 3, day 18

day18Yesterday meals life got back on track by me having only my typical 3 meals.

I started with eggs for breakfast, which I believe you could have guessed. This time my eggs had the second half on Sunday’s avocado and a bit ot home-made tomato sauce.



For lunch, I had a cafeteria salad, which I enjoyed outside in the sun, in spite of being pretty busy. I did consider the possibility of just grabbing something and come back to eat at my desk, but then I realized if I ate on my regular speed I should not worry. I could still afford having my salad in piece at the cafeteria and finish my task before the deadline after that. Ans so I did ;o)



In the evening, I thawed the little container of frozen Moroccan meatballs I did a couple weeks ago. I was pretty sure there were 5 balls on that container, so I would give 1 1/2 to each kid, and have 2 for myself. Usually they have 1 1/2 and I have 3, but going down for 2 wouldn’t be too big of a deal. Then, when I got to them I realized there was only 4! I didn’t want to cut down the kids part because they’re still growing, full of energy and need their food. That would mean only 1 for me? Nah… too little. So I decided to open a can of tuna for myself and save the one meatball for next day’s breakfast.

Other event that happened today was that hubby took a plane to go on a 10 day trip. That means the paleo meals are all mine again (I do add some of the veggies at kids’plate, but their meals are not entirely paleo, as they still have the rice). With that, I have the freedom to choose the veggies I like but he doesn’t. So eggplant was my pick of the day! It was already late and I didn’t want to spend too much time with the cooking, so the whole plate was pretty simple. I sort of julienned the eggplant, threw it at the pan with olive oil, salt and pepper, added the tuna and let it all cook/heat together.



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