Whole30, version 3, day 17

day17Sunday was a very active day for the kids. No extremely much for me. They had the swimming class that always happen on Sunday mornings anyways, then on the afternoon we met some friends from their school for a picnic at a beach park. That means… another day with an afternoon full of fruits, but this time also olives and nuts.

I know snacks are not welcome, but on a picnic it’s hard not to munch. Maybe I should plan my Whole30 better for months when picnics are not feasible due to the weather???? nah…

The funny thing about the other couple though is that they try to eat healthy, but their diet is sort of opposite to mine. I brought a bunch of fruits I bought at a farmers market after the swimming class (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, black berries and plums), some olives and nuts and some fruit juice (my San Palegrino was not chilled = awful). They brought bread, banana-chocolate-cake, cheeses, lentil salad and corn. Hehehe. But it was fine. I ate mine, they ate theirs and the kids all shared. The only 2 occasions that I though odd was when their oldest daughter saw mine raspberries and wanted to have them, then mommy said:

“you had too much fruits today already – take only 2 then eat a sandwich”



Note that the sandwish was actually bread with cream cheese only.

Then a few minutes later, I offered tangerine juice to the guy who was eating a lot of bread and cake and he was:

“No thanks. I need to shed some pounds, so I’m cutting on fruit juices”.

:oS again.

Ok, I do know that fruit juices are not 100% desirable because they do have a big sugar content (even with no sugar added) to barely any fibers, so it’s better to have the fruit than the juice. Yes, I get it. But cut on juice to lose weight while filling yourself up with bread??? I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me but it simply didn’t sound right. But I said nothing. Just ok and drank a cup myself. Oh well.

Much much before that we had breakfast… and for that I had my eggs with half an avocado and some papaya. I tried to eat a piece of the papaya yesterday, but I guess it froze and thawed somehow, so it did not taste right. That’s when I decided to save it and used it in cooking, where the full flavor is not too extremely required.



For lunch, We had a bit more of the pot roast (not over yet ;o) with some green beans and sweet pepper.



But the roast was a bit too dry today. I actually forgot to save some of the broth to keep it moist (remember my breakfast on Friday… that was the last drops of the broth… ), and the heating up process made it even dryer. SO for dinner, I shredded the last piece of roast and heated it with tomato sauce and a bit of water. the sauce made it much better and we enjoyed it with some kale with onions and mushrooms.



In the end it was a fun weekend, but one I did just ok with my Whole30 eating, as I broke a couple of rules by snacking (and on fruits!) and having fruit juices. I still stayed away from the breads and cakes and ice creams and brigadeiros and beers that came my way on the past 2 days… So overall, ok.


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