Whole30, version 3, day 16

day16Saturday was a fun day, but also one that I ate out of home a couple of times. In the morning, after breakfast we took the girls to participate on a parade with their school. The parade was cool, and was over my lunch time, so we decided to find a restaurant in the neighborhood and have lunch there.

Then on the way back home we saw the cars of a few friends in the road and waved to them. Then one of them told us to come to her place, where the other people was going to. They were actually coming back from his kid’s birthday party and were heading to her place to finish off the celebrations (Our kids are the same age and are used to play together, so don’t ask why we weren’t invited to the official party. At some point she said it was because I wouldn’t be able to eat anything… :oS I honestly didn’t buy it, but I also don’t care. She said because she felt like it, I never asked. ;o) Anyways, in the after-party I did a few trips to the fruit bowl and I also had one of my Gabi’s bar, which I shared with a couple of other people for them to try it.

Then last but not least, our last stop didn’t involve any eating but was the cutest, as we visited a friend in the hospital, where she had had her second baby boy that very morning. Cute!

Back to food…

For breakfast I had eggs with the leftovers from Friday’s stir fry. It was mostly the veggies, but there were a couple of beef strips there to. Delicious.


Then for lunch, after the parade, we ended up stopping at a place called Ray’s Dining Car and Bar and I ordered a Canadian Pacific Cobb Salad, with grilled chicken, no cheese and olive oil for dressing. The official description of the salad is as follows


Mixed greens, pecan-smoked bacon bits, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, bleu cheese and cheddar cheese, topped with your choice of grilled or blackened chicken. MAKE IT VEGETARIANno bacon, and substitute our spicy black bean burger for chicken at no additional charge.

And I did NOT make it vegetarian.


Then for dinner, even after an afternoon of strawberries and blueberries, I thawed a pot roast (the second Costco piece I cooked a few days ago) and we had it with a side of leeks, daikon radish, cauliflower rice (just a bit) and broccoli florets. My husband doesn’t eat broccoli, but he really likes water chestnuts, much more than I do, so I cooked the veggies with both, then I sorted all the broccoli and placed on my place, and all the water chestnuts and places on his.



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