Whole30, version 3, day 15

day15Yesterday was a very beefy and relaxing day. In the morning I went to workout before work. it was the first time since my injury and I was able to make it. I went low on my jumping and modified a few exercises, but was still able to do the entire workout all right. Then,after lunch I had an appointment with a massage therapist, who would try to help me with my back. It was great.

The reason I said above it was a beefy day is because i had some beef something on all my meals.

For breakfast, I had he last remains on my homemade beef broth with 2 eggs poached on the broth.


For lunch, I went to a cafeteria that had the option of some Brazilian food. I couldn’t resist and ordered a picanha (tri tip???) with collard greens and farofa (sauteed manioc flour). It wasn’t great, but it was still nice to have a picanha with farofa at work…


Then for dinner, I used the steaks I bought the day before to make some stir fry. I though about serving it on top of some salad, but the salad went bad. So I had just and only the stir fry itself.




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