Whole30, version 3, day 14

day14Yesterday was the 14th day into Whole 30, which means the last day of the second week.

I did good but sort of lazy in the cooking (actually I had barely any cooking today ;o)

For breakfast I wasn’t much inspired as to how to do my eggs, so I opened the fridge, saw the pesto and decided for pesto and sun-dried tomatoes. It was the last piece of tomato in the jar, so I used all the olive oil still there as the fat for my eggs. With the oil that is also present in the pesto, the eggs got really greasy and delicious.


At lunch, I again had lunch with a friend, but as my salad was ready much before her fried meal, I took the time to find us a nice table and take a shot of my salad. I also grabbed an apple, afraid that the sale wouldn’t be enough, but it was! so I still have my apple here looking at me and waiting to be eaten.


For dinner, my husband would not be home because he had a dinner party with his friends from the office. So when I picked up the girls in school we decided to go for dinner out too. The school is cross the street from an Applebee’s and that’s where they asked to go. My burger girl had 2 sliders, my pizza girl had a pizza, and I went for their Savory Cedar Salmon, but without the creamy artichoke sauce on top. So basically a grilled salmon on top of some spinach, potato and veggies. What I did not pay attention to in the menu’s picture (same as below) was that most of the veggies were actually peas. So we sort of went back to my childhood days, when I used to pick all of the peas and get them out of my way at the corner of the plate so I could eat the rest and leave them. It was ok. Without the sauce it ended up a bit too dry and with not too much taste, but still good enough. The biggest problem is that it was an item from the weight watchers section, which means it was low in calories, which also means I wasn’t fully satisfied afterwards. So when I got home I had half of a Gabi’s Bar and a few strawberries to complement. The picture below is actually the same one they have in their website and menu. I again failed to take a picture of one of my meals today, but this time it was because my kids took over my phone before I had the chance to register the real plate.




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