Whole30, version 3, day 13

day13Yesterday was another good day. My back pain is still in there, and it felt a bit more intense, but it’s different now. It’s something more close to what I used to have before starting seeing a chiropractor and before Whole30 too. I had a morning appointment with my chiropractor, so I was confident it was now just a matter of a little time, and some extra stretches, foam rolling and ice. Good news is that I’m out of ibuprofen since Monday, not feeling the need to go back to it.

What also felt good was that I met some good old friends. One of them is someone I see somewhat often, but who has been out of town on a mix of business trip/family-visiting vacations for the last 3 weeks. He came back this week and we met for lunch to catch up on our chatting. Then, after saying goodbye to him, I met another good friend I haven’t seen in several months. Actually over a year. We walked together for a while until the building where she would be having lunch, then I came back. Today we’ll see each other again, as she’s coming to my office so I can reminder her of some tools she need to use again on her new job.

So a very ‘friendly’day that made me all smiles, in spite of my little back pain ;o)

As for food, for breakfast I used some of the leftover asparagus from the day before and some minced onions on my eggs.



At lunch time, I had too much chatting to catch up to, so no lunch picture again. But I had a salad with kale, spinach, olives, tuna, yellow grape tomatoes, cauliflower and string beans.

For dinner, I though I had run out of my pork the day before, so I ran to the grocery store to buy some fresh steaks, as all the ones I had at home were frozen. But when I opened the fridge I realize I still had some pork. So I saved the steaks to cook the next day and had the last bits of the pork roast. To go with it I did some kale with mini sweet peppers. And after that, the last standing cherries of a forgotten package I found in my fridge. ;o)




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