Whole30, version 3, day 12

day12Yesterday was a nice day. Not too much pain on my back. Actually just a tiny little bit. Lunch with a friend. Playing with my kid after work. Good food. But the coolest thing that happened today was that I received a little box with my custom made bars. Yay.
I have an account with everymove.org, where we get rewards for every move we log. Be it walking, running, playing with kids, cleaning the house, walking the dog, circuit training, anything. So a couple weeks ago I got a reward for a discount on ordering from elementbars.com. In the site, they have the option to order one of their recipes, or you can assemble your own, which is pretty cool. I chose to assemble my own and did it with Paleo date base (date paste and almond butter), egg white protein, unsweetened and unsulfured apricots, organic raw and unsalted walnuts and unsweetened shredded coconut.
Yesterday my bars were waiting for my on my mail box. I obviously couldn’t resist trying one right away. It tastes really good. I shared it with my youngest daughter and she also liked, to the point that this morning the came to my bed ans said “mommy I want another Gabi’s Bar. But tomorrow, not today”. hehehe

As for my regular meals, in the morning I had my eggs with onions, tomato and a bit of dried oregano.


At lunch time, I had a friend in my office and then we decided to go for lunch together. We chose a buffet style place that’s perfect because they list all types of allergens and hidden ingredients, so I can make more informed choices. I made a place with sweet potatoes, broccoli, zucchini and summer squash, chicken and a tiny piece of a gluten free bratwurst. We found a table outside, on a balcony and enjoyed our lunch there, where later another friend joined us. With that, chatting as we had a seat, I completely forgot to take a picture. So no lunch picture today….

For dinner, we had leftover pork roast and asparagus. The pork roast (one piece out of 2) was over (the other piece is frozen for a later date), but the asparagus yielded some left over, for which I’ll sure find a use tomorrow. ;o)



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