Whole30, version 3, day 11

day11After yesterday’s meat bonanza, today I wanted my eggs simple. Nothing added to them. Just eggs. So I decided to make them soft boiled, which is a format I guess shows off more intensely the flavor of the egg itself. I did season them a bit, with some red alaea salt and cayenne. Well… I meant to do it just a bit, but I exagerated a bit on the salt, which made the eggs pretty salty. But still nice and simple.


Then, my plan for today was to start a pork loin roast on the slow cooker in the morning and let it cook while I was away so we could have the pork for dinner. I prepared everything, put the ingredients in the pat, but decided to turn it on only when I was about to leave, to minimize the time it would be in the warm setting waiting for us (and drying up a bit) between finishing cooking and out arrival. At about 11:20, I was in the office and then suddenly came the realization that I did NOT turn on the slow cooker. I completely forgot to. But the meat was there and would be there all day long on a hot summer day? No way. I finished what I was doing in the office, picked up my keys and drove back home to turn it on. But instead of setting long hours on low, I set the pan to cook it for 6 hours on high, which would actually be perfect timing. from 12:20 to 6:20, so we could dine at 7:00.

That meant at lunch time I was home. There was no cooked meat yet for me in my fridge, but I did have some cans on my pantry. So I went again for my favorite home-alone dish: a gororoba. The gororoba is a mix of whatever I find in my fridge (or pantry) all together in the same pan at the same time. I typically make it with sardines, remembering the old times of my childhood and teenage years when my mom’s maid would make sardines with onions and sweet pepper out of laziness to cook us something more sophisticated to eat. I loved it then, and I still love it. So today my gororoba was made of sardines, broccoli, tomatoes, cauliflower rice and zucchini. To make lunch even more perfect, I added some raspberries to my water and sit outside at my backyard to enjoy the meal, before heading back to the office.


The at night, when I got home, dinner was ready. At least the meat part of it. And it smelled wonderful. Needless to say we had pork for dinner. To accompany it, I made a recipe I found in allrecipes.com when searching for ideas of what to do with daikon radishes. I had to make some changes to adapt to what hubby eats and also to what I had (or rather not had). It turned out good, but a bit too dry. If was a warm dish made out of daikon, carrots, bok choy and mushroom. I’ll try it again adding a bit more fat before I post the adapted recipe here. If you’re curious about the original, you can find it in here.



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