Whole30, version 3, day 10

day10Meat, meat. meat.

That basic summarizes my meals yesterday.

Breakfast was no different than the usual: eggs and coffee. This time I made my eggs with just a bit of pesto, then placed it on top of a bed of spinach and arugula.


Next week hubby and a bunch of other guys will be flying to Belgium to watch the F1 race. So yesterday we had a Brazilian-style barbecue, or churrasco, party at one of our friends house as a sort of kick-off. In the grill there was sausage, beef, chicken drumsticks and chicken hearts. Yum!!!


Chicken heart is a controversial item. All Brazilians are used to see it in the grill, most enjoy it. But when someone from a different culture see it and learn what it is, they typically makes a face and sometimes even refuses to even try. Yesterday we manage to make 2 people try. They liked it, but chose not to repeat.  for me it was great, because I know eating organ meats is important, but I admit I never do. Except on some of our barbecue parties, that is. ;o) Needless to say, I ate a bunch of little hearts. I guess it was the item I ate the most. Yummmmmm!

For side dishes, there wasn’t much for me. Garlic bread: pass. Rice: pass. Salad with feta: pass. chips: pass. The only non-meat item that was good for me was a Spanish tortilla made out of eggs, onions and potatoes; no diary.

The thing is that after a barbecue party like this, where we munch on meat all afternoon, there is no such thing as dinner. Hunger is satisfying for way too many hours. That was cool, because it did not force be to eat not great choices (or go hungry) at the arena where we went to watch a WNBA game after the party. I still ate a little bit before bed, but I didn’t want anything either meat-y or salty, as I was pretty full of those items. So my “dinner” was a banana, a handful of raspberries and a larabar.


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