Whole30, version 3, day 9

day9Weekend again. But today was an easy day to control, since we did all of our meals at home, managing the fun with the kids in between meals. The only difficulty was with the fact that I forgot to thaw meat for dinner, so I ended up having to do pay an extra visit to the grocery store at dinner time. Theoretically I went for the meat only, but since I was there… I came back with a bag full of produce too.

In regards to my lower back, I feel a different person than yesterday and the days before. I won’t say I’m completely recovered because that’s not exactly true. But I feel much lighter, less stiffened and much less pain. Kudos to my awesome chiropractor, Dr. Eric Hansen and also to me, of course, for following his recommendations correctly.

Back to food… My breakfast today was eggs with chicken sausage again, but this time I added some homemade tomato sauce.


For lunch I had Morrocan Meatballs (recipe from Well Fed, by Melissa Joulwan) with cauliflower rice and a mic of veggies I stir fried with some coconut aminos. The veggies I used were carrots, rad radishes, tomatoes, zucchini and fennel. Then I topped all items with the tomato sauce from the meatballs. My daughter was happy, as she says the meatballs I make are her first favorite meat. Second favorite is the best chicken, also from Well Fed. I guess this book was well received in the family… ;o)


For dinner, that was the meal for which I had no thaws meat. When I tell my husband I’m going to grocery store for meat, and considering will have a Brazilian-style barbecue party tomorrow (= LOTS of beef and sausage), he asked for ham steak. The girls like ham steak too, so I go for it. But only for them. The ham steak there was at the store contain several of the ingredients that are prohibited for me this month. so for me, I have the remaining of the tuna can I opened yesterday. With the tuna, a bit of spaghetti squash and a mix of leeks, carrots and mushrooms.


But the tune was not enough, the squash was just a tiny bit and the leek is not fulfilling enough. That means it did not satisfy my hunger. It was ok at the moment (sortof) but a couple hours later was was really hungry again. Instead of going for a bunch of nuts, or a fruit, though, I decided t go for a cup of yummy beef broth.



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