Whole30, version 3, day 8

day8Today I was sort of a bad girl again in regards to rewarding myself with food. Or should I say about using food for comfort. I still used approved items, but I know it’s still not something I should be doing. But in spite of all the care I’ve been taking with my back since Tuesday, I ‘ripped it off’ again yesterday afternoon during a meeting, due to bad posture, then again this morning while trying to reach in my car to play a song for the kids. So things are still pretty painful right now.

I saw my chiropractor again and he told me to continue with the ice, do some stretches and be careful. From his office I went to mine. I worked a bit and even accepted a meeting for 2:00 PM, but then I changed my response to tentative explaining that if the pain did not subside I’d go home after lunch. I send the person the status for my part of the project and she was fine with not having me at the meeting.

So I did. I had lunch at work, just so I would not have to prepare it myself at home, then grabbed my stuff and came back home for some rest/stretch/ice therapy.

Then at around 4:30 I sought some comfort on a banana-coconut milk-cocoa concoction:


All the other meals were good though.

For breakfast, I decided to change from the scrambled eggs, so I did my eggs soft-boiled, seasoned with a tidy-bit of cayenne and some sumac, and served on top of a sliced avocado.


For lunch, cafeteria salad again and an orange. At least all the veggies were already chopped and I didn’t have to chop anything myself with my bad back.


Afternoon I did my little sin described above… :oS

Then for dinner we had leftover steak for hubby, leftover chicken for the girls and that was it. So I opened a can of tuna for me. As sides, I had cauliflower rice, and some kale. While cutting the kale before sauteing it, I discovered that kale can serve also as a snack. I had a piece of it raw and it was sooo good! Even better than sauteed, actually.




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