Whole30, version 3, Day 7

day7At the end of the day today, it will be a full week into the program.


The week was nice. I did not change my way of eating too much, but I did good in resisting snacks, sweets and beer (I guess I forgot to mention beer on my goals? that’s actually the worse item I’ve been allowing myself a bit too often lately). Except yesterday, of course, for the almond butter. I know. I didn’t do well in regards to that yesterday. But today is another day. I’m still feeling the (literal) pain in the butt, but much less intensely (thanks advil and ice!) and I’m certainly not as grumpy.

But back to reflecting on the past week, I guess what I changed the most at home was my husband’s meals. He never ate too bad, but his diet was a bit full of processed carbs. Now, at least when he’s at home, it’s not anymore. We’ve been eating the exact same meal for dinner. Lots of veggies and some meat. A couple days ago, I was a bit insecure towards how full he’d be after eating the meal, thinking the veggies were too light maybe, then I asked him if he wanted me to add a tiny bit of rice. He said no need. He hasn’t been hungry after dinner eating just the veggies. Yay again!

As for my meals today, I had my eggs with sundried tomatoes, vegan basil pesto and olives. Kinda Mediterranean theme, but with no cheese added. It was pretty good. The oil I used was actually the oil the tomatoes come from, so a bit herb-y and with a nice flavor.


For lunch, I packed food at home to bring to the office. I grabbed the remaining shredded vegetables from the other day, drizzled them with olive oil, seasoned them with Hot Lava Hawaiian sea salt and topped with 2 pieces of the chicken I did following secret number 1 of the best chicken you’ll ever eat ever, from The Clothes Make the Girl. Then, when it was time to eat, I put it all in the microwave to heat it up and enjoyed. But I the amount of veggies was not big, not what I would eat on a meal to be satisfied, so I also brought a banana to complement.


The chicken was cooked and frozen by my mom when she was visiting recently. I’m not sure if she did anything else after secret number 1, but I don’t think she did, I’m actually not even sure if the rinsed the chicken, as advised in the recipe. When I do this recipe I rinse it and then I season it like the Grilled Chicken Thighs recipe, from Well Fed. It’s still good though.

For dinner, I had the same chicken again, but this time with cauliflower rice, a salad mix of arugula and spinach and some kraut. A couple days ago I called the same kraut, kimchi. It’s not really a traditional Korean kimchi or even a traditional German sauerkraut, but it is a mix of fermented veggies, made by Pickled Planet. It contains cabbage and carrots and tastes pretty good, but is not as spicy as traditional kimchi (so more like a sauerkraut actually). Following the savories, I had a papaya.




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