Whole30, version 3, day 6

day6I’m injured. I’m in pain. So people can say whatever they want about relationship with food, but I’ll have some treats for comfort. I promise it won’t be any non-compliant treat, but I’ll still eat to feel well even when the hunger is not pressing me to eat. A tiny bit only. But I will.

So that’s how I had a couple spoons of almond butter and a handful of cherries in between meals today…

It was only a couple. I know, i know, one of the purposes of the Whole30 program is exactly to change your relationship with food, but when you do it for the 3rd time and after about a year paying attention to how you relate to your food, I don’t think I need to be too strict here. I do still eat when I’m stressed out or bored, but it’s now not even close to be as much as I used to before. In a recent post I mentioned that would be one of the items to target for my next Whole30. Well… my next Whole30 is here. I’m still trying to not eat just out of stress. But today I just can’t.

I strained my back muscle yesterday and it still hurts quite a bit. I’m standing most of the day because sitting down at my desk seems to make things worse. But standing all day long is also not really good for your lower back. So it goes around… On top of that, I’m trying not to let the natural grumpiness of feeling pain take over and am trying to keep my spirits. Anf for that I may need some extra food. Ideally chocolate! But chocolate is out of reach this month, so be it with plain, unsweetened, dry roasted almond butter. Oh well…

Apart from some comforting attacked to my almond butter jar, I did well with my meals today.

For breakfast I grabbed what was left of the broth from the pot roast yesterday, which also included some beef scraps and 2 cubes of potato. Then I added some shredded carrots, radishes and zucchini (also left over from yesterday). I put it all in a small pot, let is boil than added 2 eggs to poach in the broth. Not a typical breakfast, but really comforting (if we’re talking about comfort today anyways ;o)


At lunch time, I went once again to cafeteria’s salad bar. The biggest difference today was that I typically don’t add eggs to the salads because by that time I have had 3 eggs already. But this morning I had only 2, so I had my 3rd one hard-boiled on top of my salad. The (other) protein on choice for the salad today was tuna.


Then for dinner, I thawed some green beans, to which I added minced garlic and onions and some sliced mushrooms, and fried some thin cut steak on a mix of olive oil and ghee. Simple but good. I did enough for the whole family, so my husband and I ate the same, while for my girls I chopped a few of the green beans and mixed with spaghetti swash and rice. If the little one didn’t eat fast enough on her own it was because she had 1 too many cookie when snacking about an hour before dinner. Need to try to change this habit for them… ;o)



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