Whole30, version 3, day 5

day5Yesterday was day 5 of my Whole30 I did well in regards to food. Not so well in regards to exercising. Got late to my workout class, which means I didn’t warm up as properly as I should have. The in one of the first exercises I got my lower back muscles strained. Ouch! That hurts! But this still didn’t prevented me from eating well.

In the morning I was feeling summery, so I decided to do something that is not my favorite ways to eat my eggs, but that just feels like summer. I grilled half wedges of half a peach and scrambled my eggs on it. The peach makes my eggs so sweet and that’s the reason why it’s not my favorite way (for me, savory is savory and sweet is sweet. I’m not very fond of mixing them together…). But the small that stayed at home was sooooo good! of grilled peaches… Then after the eggs were all gone, I had the other half of the peach on its own. (sorry no pictures, as I only remembered to take them after it was almost all gone…)

Then at lunch time, I went for another cafeteria salad. I don’t plan to list all the ingredients on my salad always, but in this one, the protein I added as shrimp. I also added some berries and grapes, but just like peaches are not my favorite addition to eggs, I didn’t really enjoyed having them with the salad, so I ended up saving them for last. I filled the big bowl they have there and it was a lot. Felt pretty full after it.


Dinner was a bit late because I had to drive my daughter to gymnastics, so i shredded some veggies (namely, carrots, zucchini, radishes, onions and fennel) and cooked them with curry powder and coconut milk. Then I topped it with the last slices of my pot roast. Hubby said it could have had a bit more of coconut milk, but it was still pretty delicious.




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