Whole30, version 3, Day 3

Day3Day 3 of my 3rd Whole30 found me on a Sunday when we had a pretty busy (but fun!) schedule.

That caused me not to have my pot roast I cooked yesterday :(.  Actually, my day 3 ended up being Salmon day for me.

In the morning, I did my eggs with nothing added to it, because I was actually testing (and filming myself on the process) a egg-cracker gadget by my family’s request, so I wanted to keep it simple. But eggs alone are not good enough, so I topped it with some Salmon lox. (nope, I will not post the film here, as it was filmed in Portuguese with kids talking in the background… so good for family, but not much for readers ;o).


Then we left home and it took us a lot of time to come back. Out first stop was in kids swimming class, which is pretty standard and happens every Sunday morning. But this time, from there we went to a park in Seattle where we planned to watch the Blue Angels flying around for the seafair. Blue Angels were schedule to start flying at 1:45, so our plan to to take a few snacks to the park to hold out hunger until after the show, then eat out. So at around 12:00 I snacked on a few strawberries and a bit of almonds and macadamias.

After the show was over we went to RAM Restaurant and Brewery, arriving there at around 3:30 (odd time for lunch, but oh well…). I ordered a Salmon salad with no cheese and no dressing (just to be safe, since I couldn’t really read the ingredient list on the dressing). The first one they brought me hat no dressing but still had the cheese, so I sent it back. When it finally arrives it was ok. Just ok, nothing special, but at least I managed to make it compliant.


Late at night we felt hungry again, but I wasn’t really in the mood for a big meal. Too tired, not too hungry, and too late to eat a lot…. So I went for my nori wraps. I had 3 rolls. 2 of them had (guess???) Salmon lox (leftover from the package I opened in the morning), pesto, sun-dried tomato and heart of palms. For the 3rd one, I was out of salmon, so I made a vegetarian one with avocado, heart of palms, olives and sun-dried tomatoes. Yummy. To finish it up I had a handful of back currants and a small pluot.


So it was an odd day in regards to the meal timings, but ended up being good – and very salmon-y.



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