Whole30, version 3 -Day 2

Today is day 2 of my 3rd Whole30.

I did good, but I also realized the cravings are there, haunting me. Remember I said on Day 0 that since last time I’ve been eating a lot of treats. Not having them since yesterday makes me realize why I was having them so often. Cravings.

Today is also a day when all our meals were made at home, which means I was able to ‘whole30’ my husband plate on both lunch and dinner. Yay for him!

The day started with my breakfast smiling at me…


Ok, so that’s a silly picture. But it does show the ingredients of my green eggs with no ham. Eggs, avocado and mushroom. I also added a bit of minced onions. And here’s a picture of the end result, not silly, not pretty but good!


Then I had to go grocery shopping. Believe it or not I run out of meat! So off I go to Costco to buy a bunch. Yeah, yeah, Coscto is not the best place to buy meat because they are not organic grass-fed… but to be really honest, I haven’t got a grip on the grass fed thing yet. I try. But I fail almost every time. The meat gets tough and not even tasty, so I sort of gave up on it. But if that helps easy the pain, I only buy the Prime meat… whatever exactly that means…

So for lunch I had my Costco Prime meat on a stir fry, on top of some baby spinach. After that I stole a few cherries from my husband’s bowl.


At around 5, hunger hit me, as always, and I snacked on a bit of fruits (3 strawberries and a plum) and a handful of macadamias.

Dinner was great. We dine outside a ‘roasted’ dinner. Then we realized we could have grilled it, but by that time it was too late. On the menu we had my traditional mustard roast beef and some roasted asparagus.


After that an orange and about an hour later and just couldn’t resist and had bit of the broth from the pot roast I was taking out of the crock pot (guess what I’ll be having tomorrow?)



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