Whole30, version 3 – Day 0

Tomorrow I’ll be starting Whole30 again. This will be my third time in the program.
Initially I was thinking more about starting it mid-August, but then I heard that there would be an ‘official’ Whole30 in August, as well as some of the people I did it with in the past would also be starting on August 1st. So I decided to start earlier and join the crowd on August 1st too.

So today is my day 0.
The day I’m supposed to clean up the pantry and fridge of the non-compliant food, or hide the temptation if they need to stay for the family.
I must admit I’m very much trained in resisting and really non compliant stuff, considering I’ve been trying to follow the plan most of the time for almost a year now. So no need to clean up breads and pastas and cookies and even cheese. They won’t really tempt me.

But in the past few months I did get used to have some paleo-but-not-whole-13 treats, especially dark chocolate (70-72%) and coconut bliss ice cream. I have also been snacking a lot on almond butter, which is technically still ok, but not advisable to eat too much. And last but not least, I stop worrying about the oil blend they use in my company’s cafeteria and have been eating there everyday, even if that means a bit of seed oils everyday too. Occasionally there is some diary, but just some and just occasionally.

So for this coming month, the biggest changes would be to avoid all of the above. No coconut ice cream, no chocolate, no excess almond butter and no diary.
(which also means I had to clean them up from my fridge and office drawer today….)

gettingridAs for my goals this time around, they are basically:

  • to be in optimal shape for my next half-marathon, coming in September 19th
  • to stop the cravings for snacks even when i’m consciously not hungry at all

Another thing that I’ll try to do this month if to have my husband eat better. He’s not joining me 100% on the Whole30 program because he has a hard time eating anything other than bread (which he’s already avoiding, with a lot of effort) and diary at breakfast. But I’ll try to get him to eat ‘my Whole30 stuff’ at least at dinner, and potentially also at lunch on weekends.
About him, he is not one of the worse eater in the world. Not at all. He does eat his veggies and he loves fruits, and he’s not a sweet tooth. But he still consumes a bunch of refined carbs, and THAT’s what we’re trying to change here. So I guess a half-Whole30 for him may help a lot.

This effort though would make things slightly harder to me, because I’ll have to restrict my cooking to stuff he eats. As I mentioned above he’s good in eating his veggies, but there are just some veggies that I like and he doesn’t, and those are the ones I’ll have to avoid (so long eggplants…. :o( )


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