Is that egg good?

If you’re like me that eats eggs everyday, thus having to buy them more often then you do the rest of the groceries, you probably don’t really need to worry about the freshness of the egg you have in your fridge.
But if you’re an occasional egg eater (like I used to be before) and your egg carton hides in your fridge for weeks or even months, then it’s goo to try to find out if the egg is fresh or rotten BEFORE you open it. That would avoid a smelly crisis, that could also bring some nasty consequences…

To test the egg for freshness is not hard, though.
All you need to do is to put them in a glass of water.

If the egg rests horizontally at the bottom of the glass, you can go ahead and eat it happily because it’s good and fresh. Fresh eggs contain a higher water content, which makes them heavy, causing them to sink to the bottom of the glass.
good egg

If the egg floats midway pointing down, it’s not fresh anymore, but is still edible. You better consume it fast before it gets bad. The reason for that is that as the freshness goes away, the air bubble that exists at the round end of the egg expands, making the egg float.

If the egg floats to the surface of the water, throw it away. That means it is old and contains too much air, which makes it go bad. Do NOT eat this egg.

Unfortunately (or should I actually say fortunately???) I have only a picture of a good egg to show, since I never allow my eggs to grow old by eating them at a tender age… )


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