There is something green hidden under my eggs

This is actually supposed to be a tip.

A pretty obvious one, but the obvious is not always seen my most people unfortunately.

I have been having eggs for breakfast since 2 years before I started eating Paleo. With Paleo, I learned to add more stuff to my eggs to make them a more fulfilling meal.

So my tip today is to cook extra veggies (or meats or whatever) the night before and save the left-overs to add to your eggs the next morning.

So today I have soft yolk fried eggs on top of left-over kale. Yummm!


For the kale, I prepared it simply and quickly by:

Bullet1heating up some olive oil,



sauteing some minced onions,


bullet3then adding the kale, cut into think strips, and a few slices of mushroom to it


bullet4and letting it cook for a while until wilted.


Easy quick meal, that fed the whole family on a Tuesday dinner and then added to my eggs the next morning.



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