What is gluten, after all?

No, please, don’t be disappointed at me for now knowing what gluten is, because I actually do know what it is.
A couple years ago, when no one would talk about it, I probably didn’t, but in the past several years, I have been reading a lot about nutrition and now I do know.

This post is actually a consequence of my recent realization that lots of people out there talk about it without knowing what it is. Which is odd…
Earlier this week, I saw a post by Whole30 folks in facebook with a link to a YouTube video of Jimmi Kimmel Live show where he asks people on the streets if they are doing a gluten-free diet and if they know what gluten is. To his and mine surprise, lots of people did NOT know!
Here’s the link to the video:

Then today, at an office party we had cake, potato chips and fruits. I stuck to the fruits and refused the rest.
After most people were gone and we were left to clean up the conference room, one of my friends, who knows a bit about my diet and who helped organize the party, at some point was offering me all of the items he wanted to get rid of.
He offered a bowl with the last pieces of cut fruit and I took it.
Then he offered a mandarin orange and I took.
Then he offered some cake I said ‘no’.
His last attempt was to point to the plate full of chips and say: you want some gluten?

I could not resist and corrected him, saying that there was no gluten in the chips because gluten are only in some grains, such as wheat, triticale, barley, rye…
He still sort of insisted asking ‘aren’t potato a grain?’

Well… now he knows…

So for the ones out that are still not sure what is gluten and where we can find it, here is some info:

“In the simplest terms, gluten is a protein composite, meaning it is a substance made up of several different proteins. It is found in wheat and related grains in the triticeae family of grassy grains or cereal grains. These grains include barley, bulgur wheat, durum, einkorn, farro, graham, kamut, rye, semolina, spelt, triticale and wheat.”

the origin of gluten

For more detailed and useful information, you can check the source article for the above statement at: http://glutenintoleranceschool.com/what-is-gluten/#1



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