The Whole30 program is been showing up at media quite a lot lately. But mostly it’s been ‘sold’ as a quick fix weight loss program, which is not the idea behind the program.
At all!

Weight loss is a very welcome side effect, and it is what the people around us notices the most (sometimes the only thing they notice), but it’s still not the idea behind the program.

What’s the idea, then?
Well… in one word?


Which can be translated as good physical and mental health.
Which can be easily noticed as good mood, high energy, low (or none) inflammation levels, healthy gut, nice skin……. and many and many more.
Which can also be noticed as balanced hormones, stable blood sugar, good cholesterol levels and ratios….

So to try to fight this perception of a quick-fix weight loss diet, the Whole30 people decided to start a campaign asking people to share their experiences in instagram, showing why they are Whole30.

I’m trying to help by posting the part that I can show in pictures and that does not focus on how much weight I lost.
I posted 2 images so far:

This is one of the reasons why #iamwhole30

A post shared by Gabriela Lopes (@magablote) on

This history behind both pictures can be found in this blog, in posts:

Whole30-powered race and reintroduction phase


Before and After

Hope to be able to help!


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