What to buy when

Ok, I’ll make a confession. I am a big chain grocery shopper buyer.
I’m trying to change that a bit, by going to more specialized food stores recently, but still doing the bulk of my groceries at the big ones.
I’m not saying those are necessarily bad, but they try to have it all at all times (what’s on your list today? ;o), which in case of produce may not be the best strategy.

With the beginning of Spring in March, we started seeing more berries popping up at the shelves. But… it’s not quite the season yet, is it? The last couple pints of strawberries we bought were clearly not at their best. Tasteless, boring, not great. Looking (or should I say tasting) a lot like last year’s stuff that was somehow kept to survive until March this year.

I know produce grows in seasons and I sort of know more or less the season for some of the ones I consume, but a good reference is always welcome.
And today I found one!

I was browsing through the news feed in facebook when I saw a share by Nom Nom Paleo about produce in season.

Nom Nom Paleo share of seasonal produce post in Chasing Delicious

I clicked on it and it bought me to the site Chasing Delicious, on their post about how to buy seasonal produce, a bit of the why and, the best of all, some pretty infographics showing which vegetables, fruits and herbs are in season at which months.

seasonal produce infographics



The infographics are copyright of © 2014 Rambunctious House Media and Russell van Kraayenburg. All rights reserved.
They can be bought at their site, if you’d like to have a nice printed copy.
And because of that I won’t post them here in a printable size, just a small thumbnail so you can see how visually appealing they are.



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