How Whole30 affected how people perceive me…

2 event’s today that showed how people are perceiving me with this whole Whole30 thingy:

1Email from JS to AC:

“I liked to see you walking. Keep up the good work!”

AC reply, where he puts me in cc:

1h15 from Downtown Bellevue until building 27 lockers for a shower. On a day like this this is great!
Good part of the reason why I’ve been walking is the energy Whole30 is giving me. Man, it’s revolutionary. If I continue like this, I guess I’ll convert to Gabriela’s ‘religion’. Everyone should follow this thing.”



2 At workout, trainer needs to step back for a while and tells the class.

 “Hey all, I need to go in for a few minutes. Gabi will be on charge, my Whole30 Queen!”






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