Reintroduction: gluten grains

This weekend was the last “re-introductory” weekend. And what I saved for the last one was the gluten grains.

gluten items

Saturday I had pasta for lunch and a lot of bread and some cake and a light beer in the afternoon/evening, hanging out at a friend’s place.

I still wanted to have the gluten stuff only, so I had my bread with no cheese at all. Just some olive oil and some ham or prosciutto.

Sunday I had some too, a couple slices of croissant sandwiches – with the cheese removed –  at my daughter’s party and a little square of brownie. But Sunday I couldn’t resist the brigadeiros at the party and had a few, which means I did have 2 items (the gluten grains in the bread and the diary in the brigadeiro).

After all…

…there are culturally significant or family-related events in which food and drink may play a major role. A wedding, a special vacation, or your family’s Christmas dinner may involve foods that don’t make you physically healthier but have important emotional significance.

— from It Starts With Food, by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig

And brigadeiros do have emotional significance. It’s a staple on all kids party in Brazil, something that reminds us of our own childhood. Something in which we get involved in the entire process, from making the paste, to rolling it into bite-sized balls, to rolling it into the sprinkles, to licking our fingers and scraping the pan afterwards… I resisted the temptation on Saturday in our brigadeiro-rolling-party (that was the reason for the hanging out at my friend’s Saturday afternoon ;o), but couldn’t resist having a couple at the party.



At some point on Saturday, when I was still at my friend’s place, I started with a headache. Nothing too bad, but still there bothering me. I went to a corner, grabbed my phone to do some research and found out that some people do get a bit of headache from gluten. 😦

Other than that everything else seems to be fine. No digestive or gut symptoms, no joints or other inflammation-type pains (at least not so far), but my mind does seem a bit foggier today than before the weekend.

I must say I don’t care much about the bread and pasta. They can be good (the Costco’s croissant sandwiches were awesome!) but I don’t really miss them, or crave them. But the beer does make me a bit sad. I have never been a heavy drinker, but I do enjoy drinking beer sometimes at parties. Oh well… fine. I can still choose the worthiness of it, right? If I’m on a party that has only light beers, like corona or stella, I’ll probably pass. But if they have some artisanal, medium-bodied ones, then I may reevaluate and possibly choose to suffer the consequences of a bit of indulging.

Now… off to making smart choices based on the experience of the past 2 months! 😉


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