Reintroduction: legumes

This past weekend I reintroduced legumes. Not only for 1 day, but actually a little bit spread out throughout the whole weekend, starting Friday night.

Beans, chana and peanuts

Beans, chana and peanuts

On my last post, on Friday, I was debating between going clean on date night, or starting some reintroduction. We ended up going for dinner only on a French restaurant, A La Bonne Franquette. Looking at the menu, I decided to go clean and ordered a lamb stew, that had stewed lamb with bacon, mirepoix, black olives, and crushed sweet potatoes. Before the meal arrived, hubby ordered some bread and butter, which I passed, but I was hungry too, so I decided to order mixed nuts.

Well… I love nuts and I’m always munching on them. At home we have different kinds of nuts all the time. Macadamias, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts…. So that’s what I was thinking of when I read mixed nuts. I just forgot for a moment that in the real word mixed nuts typically mean 90% peanuts and only 10% of tree nuts. And that’s why and how I started with the legumes on Friday night. Snacking on peanuts while waiting for my clean lamb stew…  I also had an alcoholic drink, but a good one, which did not get me drunk or hanged over next day, like last week’s wine. I was a Green Gimlet (Gin, Green Chartreuse, Lime, Sage, Apple Bitters).

Then on Saturday, at lunch time, I had my own black bean, that I soaked for over 48 hours before cooking. At dinner I had some homemade attempted hummus, on which I used kala chana, instead of garbanzo beans (just because I had them at home), that had also been soaked for a long time  before cooking (36 hours).

At the end of the day I was totally and completely fine. So no short term apparent effect from my home made legume dishes. Yay.

Then, on Sunday we had to have lunch on the go between kids swimming class and a birthday party. Initially I was thinking about trying a restaurant called Tipsy Cow Burger Bar, in Redmond, which seems to be pretty good and somewhat paleo friendly. My oldest daughter always wants burger when we go out, so it would be perfect. A good, grass-fed burger place that is happy to serve bun-less burgers for those who want to skip the buns. But hubby didn’t want burger, and suggested Mexican. After all, the kids need to learn to eat other stuff when we go out. He did get a point there, so off we went to Ooba Tooba Mexican Grill.

But Mexican is really a hard one to make it paleo, because they have the beans, and the rice, and the corn, the sour cream, and the cheese and the flour tortillas…. But since I was eating beans anyways this weekend, I customized my order to have a grill plate, and asked to remove rice and diary. In the end my plate was a steak cooked on the grill and sliced along with black beans, warm flour tortillas (which I forgot to ask not to come, but did not even touch it), pico de gallo and seasonal veggies grilled with a chipotle lime rub. It was delicious! But I doubt that they soaked the beans for as long as I would have liked them to.

The consequence: after lunch at the Mexican restaurant, my tummy was huge and feeling like it was going to explode. I was totally bloated with gases. The functioning of my gut was also a bit affected.

Was that the soaking? Or was it the accumulation of all the legumes I was having since Friday night?

Later that day, I still had a larabar that contained peanuts in the afternoon, and used my fake-hummus on a wrap at night (the wrap was made on coconut wrap, so the only non-paleo item in there was indeed the hummus). Those didn’t seem to have made it worse, so I’m guessing the soaking does make a huge difference.

Then today, my plantar fascia was complaining during workout. Had to do it barefoot to feel better. Ouch.

So my conclusion is that life can be ok with a bit of legumes (at least on the short term) as long as they are overly soaked before cooking.

Now back to eating clean until indulging on some bread and pasta and birthday cake (my little girl is turning 4!!!) to try the gluten grains next weekend.



All images are property of the people how owns them, which is not me. I’ll try to replace them with my own if I have a chance.


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