Date Night – to Paleo or not to Paleo?


Tonight I have a date night with hubby, since my daughter’s teacher in school is free tonight for some babysitting and will be coming to out house to care for our 2 cute little girls. Yay!

I tried to think of something fun, other than just dinner and/or movie, but we had the idea too late to plan properly and can’t find anything that matches the times we agreed with the babysitter.

I wouldn’t mind going for bowling or something, so I may still try to suggest that, but then eating at a bowling place may be tricky if I want to stick to the Whole30 plan today.

So my dilemma now is if I should try to pick a restaurant that offers some Paleo-friendly items and stay clean tonight, or if I just start the reintroduction of some item tonight, lets say gluten grains and go for some fancy sandwich maybe? I still need to try legumes and gluten grains, so that could be an option.

Decisions, decisions, decisions…




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