Soup for breakfast

This past weekend I cooked a beef stew for the family.

I tried to follow a recipe from a Ofelia’s cookbook, but had to do some adaptations, since I didn’t have all the ingredients (I never have beef broth, or any kind of broth – gotta change that and start to add them to my list…)

In the end, the results were pretty good and we were able to consume it twice as a whole family (2 adults, 2 kids) and once kids only.
And there was left over, but not enough for a full serving. The leftovers were basically a lot of the broth and just 2 tiny pieces of beef.

So today, I decided to have a breakfast that was completely different than anything I had ever had (for breakfast, that is) and had the leftover stew/soup with an egg that was poached right on it.


It was good.

And, although mostly liquid, there was enough of protein solids to hold my hunger for 5 hours, with no need to snack in between.



PS. I’ll post the modified (and translated) recipe later on and link it here. ;o)


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