Reintroducing alcohol?

This weekend my plan was to reintroduce legumes and see how it goes. I’ve been doing the reintroductions on Sundays, so I was planning for tomorrow, some peanut butter Larabar, black beans at lunch and maybe lentil soup at dinner? Or something with hummus.

Then, today, my husband asked if it would be ok to have some wine. He then right away told me to forget because it would probably not fit my diet, he could wait until the end of the reintroduction phase.

But… (I thought) if it’s just a little bit, the day before legumes, it shouldn’t do too much harm, right?

glass of wine

So we opened a bottle of wine and I had a glass over dinner.


Having been clean for so many weeks, one glass of wine suddenly becomes a LOT. Before the end of it I was already feeling a bit drunk.

Not only that, but I could also verify, validate and confirm, Melissa and Dallas when they say:

Alcohol inhibits our inhibitory mechanisms. Which means that when you are under he influence, you are more likely to make bad decisions.
Consuming something that is going to blunt your judgment — leading to late-night splurges on pizza, ice cream or an entire tube of cookie dough — does not facilitate your success in making good food choices. Furthermore, it takes only a small amount of alcohol to impair inhibitions and decision making — and the effects on the brain carry over until the next day. Which means that a drink or three on a Friday night may lead to a weekend’s worth of poor food choices.

– excerpt from It Starts with Food, by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig

I was totally under the influence after dinner. Not completely drunk but definitely under the influence. Then I started craving every off-plan foods I was seeing in front of me, and even thinking “just a little bit of a toast won’t do harm. Or a cookie, maybe?”

But I was still strong enough to resist the temptations and did not consume anything (else) that was off. Had only one Simple Square bar that, by the way , was delicious:

simple squares ginger

That reminds me I’m starting to feel addicted to the paleo bars: Larabars, Kit’s Organics fruit and nut bars by Clif, Simple Squares, Paleo Krunch… I have even a little container all for them only:

my paleo bars

But after today’s ethylic adventures, I wonder if I should really do the legumes tomorrow, or maybe wait another day and do it Monday, or even Tuesday?

Any opinions out there?


Update from the next morning: hangover.

Because of 1, just 1, glass of wine. Now I feel extremely thirsty, foggy, slightly headache’d… Totally not worthy it! Especially if we consider that wine is not even my favorite drink. Next time I dare to have alcohol, it will have to be something that I at least enjoy.. Like beer ( I know, the worse one, as it’s alcohol + gluten… ), or some distilled drink, like cachaça, rum, brandy….




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