I’ve been following lot’s of other Paleo eating people’s blogs in facebook, instagram, wordpress and twitter.

So a couple of days ago I saw a post from The Domestic Man about how kombucha has become his official road-trip beverage.

Kombucha post by the domestic man

Then on that same evening I went to PCC to buy strawberries and salad items and saw some bottles of the same brand he featured in his post, so I decided to buy one to try.

Picked the Bilberry No 9 flavor and tried it yesterday for the first time.

It is so good!

A bit tart, not too sweet, refreshing.

Loved it.

Bilberry No. 9 kombucha

Now, I’m looking forward to try other flavors.

A bit about kombucha and it’s benefits/side effects:

Apparently the subject on either kombucha is good or bad for you is still controverse.

The biggest claim about it’s health benefits is that it could help prevent and minimize (cure?) cancer. Other health benefits I saw being mentioned are:

  1. Improves digestion
  2. Helps with weight-loss
  3. Helps reduce stress
  4. Boosts energy
  5. Boosts your immune system
  6. Relieves constipation
  7. Helps alleviate hangover effects
  8. Cleanses your liver
  9. Improves skin condition
  10. Strengthens your hair

I’m not claiming those are true, but I do believe some makes sense considering kombucha is a fermented drink, and fermented foods are known to have some health benefits, including better nutrient absorption.

But not everyone agrees on the benefits of the drink and some people say it can even be deadly, although none has said why the claimed deaths occurred.

So I did some reading and the post that spoke more to me, because it seemed the less ‘dramatic’ either for good of bad, was this one in Phoenix Helix:


I’ll still drink it. Not everyday like some people do. Not home-fermented (too lazy for that). But occasionally, a store-bought flavored bottle…



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